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    We are Wildhood clothing, founded by Abu Sayed. Sayed grew up in in the village of Ruhia, Bangladesh, located approximately 400 KM from the capital city of Dhaka. It was a humble early life; Sayed’s childhood dream was to one day own a refrigerator of his own, like that one family who occasionally handed out ice cubes to Sayed and his friends.

    Sayed’s family valued community over self; knowing that your neighbour would always be there to pick you up, and that their family would always look out for their neighbours. This core value became the foundation of Wildhood.

    Eventually, Sayed decided he wanted to expand his horizons and embarked upon a wild adventure. After thousands of job applications and narrowing his options down to Moose Jaw, SK and St. John’s, NL, he was hired by Peter’s Pizza in St. John’s through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

    With little more than the clothes on his back he left Bangladesh for a new life in Canada. In early March 2013, he arrived in St. John’s, Newfoundland and got his first taste of Canadian winter.

    With his limited English and guidance from some helpful strangers, he settled into a small apartment which became his home for the next several years.

    A few days later he started his new job at Peter’s Pizza. Eventually saving $900 to buy a used car, allowing him to do pizza delivery from 5 PM - 3 AM after his regular 9-5 shift. This $900 investment allowed him to bank the income from pizza delivery and other odd jobs he picked up along the way. During this time, a co-worker and friend took Sayed under his wing and taught him English, in exchange for learning a bit of Bengali himself.

    In 2016, he was awarded his Permanent Residency Status and launched Wildhood Clothing. Unable to quit his current job, he continued 18 hour days and delivered clothing orders while out delivering pizza.

    Fast forward to 2018: he’s not delivering pizza anymore, but still working those 18 hour days.


    Wildhood is a place where diversity is celebrated every day. We all wake up and place our feet on the same earth, and there is a strength in understanding that. Once we stop wasting time judging differences and start cherishing them, we can create a world which is truly worth exploring.